Background Particles

Background Particles is available in Section in Elementor.

Find the “Background Particles” option in Section

In the section, click on the middle icon among the 3 icons to edit the section options. See below image:

Now in Elementor’s main panel (left side), click on “Style” tab from the top. See below image:


Find the “Background Particles” tab in this section. Click on the tab and enable this module. See below image:



Particles Option


Select Style:

We have created some pre-defined particles for your convenience. More style will be added from time to time. Select any pre-defined particle from the drop-down option. Some pre-defined style has a white particle. To see that particle style, please change the section Background color to a dark color. If you want to use your own created particle then select the “Custom” option from the drop-down.

Particles JSON:

If you select the “Custom” option in the previous option, then this option will be available. Go to this website to create your own particle. After adjusting your options, download the JSON file from that website. Open the JSON file in your text editor software. Copy the code inside this JSON file and paste that code inside this field.


If you want to show the particle above of the content (that is inside of this section), then set the higher Z-Index value than the content’s Z-Index value.

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