Multi-Color Motion

Multi-Color Motion is available in Section in Elementor.

Find the “Multi-Color Motion” option in Section

In the section, click on the middle icon among the 3 icons to edit the section options. See below image:

Now in Elementor’s main panel (left side), click on “Style” tab from the top. See below image:


Find the “Multi-Color Motion” tab in this section. Click on the tab and enable this module. See below image:

Create Multi-Color Motion



Define the “Angle” value. This is the same as the gradient color concept. The color motion direction will render with respect to this value.

Animation Time:

Define the “Animation Time” value for your Multi-Color module. The lower value will increase the movement speed while a higher value will slow down the speed of the motion.

Add Item:

Add color by clicking on this button. You can add as much color as you need. If you have a background image/video and want to show them, then set the color transparency by adjusting the last right bar of the color picker.

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