Update the plugin

It’s always a good practice to backup your website before updating any WordPress plugin or themes. Or, if the staging environment is available, you can test the plugin in the staging site.

There are many ways to update the plugins.


Method 1:

Download the “Envato Market” plugin from here.

Install the plugin on your WordPress website.

In the same page of “Envato Market Plugin”, you will find the guideline on how to set up this plugin.

Go to “Envato Market > Settings” tab from the WordPress panel.


The plugin Settings Page allows you to configure your Envato API Personal Token. This API Token is generated from build.envato.com and will allow WordPress to securely receive item updates.

Once the Envato API connection is made from the Settings page, a list of all purchased WordPress plugins will be made available. Now any purchased plugins can be installed or updated directly within WordPress.


Method 2:

Please check this article for this method.


Method 3:

Go to “Plugins > Installed Plugins”.

Deactivate the “Major Expand” plugin.

Delete the “Major Expand” plugin.

Don’t worry, your settings will not be removed.

After removing the plugin, install the updated plugin file (that you have downloaded from Codecanyon). To install the plugin, view the “Install Plugin” documentation.


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