WooCommerce Menu Items

WooCommerce Menu Items

WooCommerce Menu Items

WooCommerce Menu Items

WooCommerce Menus

Orders Section

The Orders section is used for viewing and managing orders. You can also manually add orders.

More information at: Managing Orders.

Coupons Section

The Coupons section is where you can view and add coupons to offer discounts and track campaigns. Coupons can be applied by customers on the cart/checkout pages.

More information at: Coupon Management.

Reports Section

In the Reports section you can view data on sales, customer, coupons and stock.

More information at: Reports.


Contains all settings used to configure WooCommerce, including product page setup, tax, shipping and payment gateways, accounts and privacy, and emails.

More information at: Setting up WooCommerce.


The Status page is a useful for troubleshooting on your own or when contacting support. Download the System Status Report and review, or attach it to your support ticket. It provides an overall snapshot of your setup and potential conflicts.

More information at: Understanding the WooCommerce System Status Report.


The Extensions sections is where you can browse for additional free/premium plugins and extensions to add functionality and features to your site.

Products Menu

This top-level menu has sections relating to products, such as viewing and adding new products, setting up product categories and tags, and managing product attributes.

More information at: Managing Products.

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